We now wear these hair colors in summer


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Summer is just around the corner and we not only want to change our wardrobe, but also give our hair a new look. You can read here, which colors we should bet on this season.

Do you feel the same way? In line with the new season, we not only change our wardrobe, but usually add something more and also let the hairdresser give us a new look. The colorists at eSalon have revealed to us which hair colors are trendy right now.

Sparkling Ginger Whiskey

Sparkling Ginger Whiskey is a medium blonde with intense copper tones that is made for hot summer days. Because the color radiates energy and liveliness like no other. The intensity and depth can be matched for any shade, but is best shown off on a medium to dark blonde base. But don't worry: if you start with a darker base tone, you can still achieve a subtle copper undertone that comes out beautifully in the sun. This shade complements lighter skin tones and those with pink or neutral skin tones particularly well.

Creamsicle Mimosa

Why do we love this color so much? Clearly: Creamsicle Mimosa is the perfect summer blonde with a creamy color gradient. With this color you create a light and light look with a nice contrast between the darker roots and lively highlights that frame the face perfectly. For this trend, the hair needs to be lightened a little to balance out the subtle warmth. Therefore, it is best suited to people with naturally light to dark blonde hair. The expert tip from the pros:

If your hair is a little dry after lightening it, use a regenerating hair mask or a deep conditioner at least once a week. Remember, moisture is your best friend during the warm summer months.

Espresso Martini

At first glance, this hair color looks like a typical dark brown, but on closer inspection, you can see the special depth that defines this tone. In the sun, the true facts and the brilliant interplay of cool and warm undertones emerge - it is almost reminiscent of a delicious iced coffee with an extra shot of espresso. Dark browns are known to complement all skin tones, but the combination of cool and warm tones is exactly what makes this shade so special. Regardless of whether the skin tone is cool or warm, this color invites you to experiment!

Hazelnut Delight

This shade definitely has a promising name: we inevitably imagine a mixture of creamy caramel and wonderful hazelnut butter. This hair color is intense and rich and invites all skin tones and skin tones to bask in its warmth. The basic tone is a soft brown tone, in which many small balayage highlights in the color caramel are incorporated. Make sure you start the highlights about two inches from the roots so that your hair gradually becomes lighter towards the tips. A tip from the experts:

Do you want to refresh your color and keep your highlights? Then make sure to only dye your roots without touching the lightened hair.

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