These three fashion favorites are short of cult status


© Jeremy Moeller / Getty Images

Trends come and go. But some are holding up so well in the trend rating that they are on the verge of cult status.

We have long since stopped buying the first trends that come our way. Because: Giving in to the first impulse to buy often leads to bad purchases. Instead, we take more time and observe a trend. Because it is not uncommon for a fashion trend to disappear as quickly as it came. You can read here, which three trend pieces will accompany us for a long time and are therefore ideally suited as an investment.

Chunky chain

We saw the chunky link chain dangling from the neck of international It girls for a long time. And that won't change anytime soon. Because chunky chains are perfect as a fashionable icing on the cake for simple tops or dresses. In combination with delicate arm chains, we give the look a filigree twist. Chunky chains can therefore also safely find their way into your shopping cart in the future. If you are looking for a long-term investment, you should use higher quality materials such as gold or white gold.

Pants with a split leg

Admittedly, the trousers with a leg slit have had their ups and downs in the past. But even in their less trendy times, the elegant trousers are a stylish choice because they conjure up endless legs in no time at all. We owe this to the slightly falling cut of the trouser leg. If this effect is not enough for you, you can also opt for stilettos. As easy as elegant styling, you can also conjure up a cozy look around the trousers. In combination with sneakers and a loosely cut linen shirt, we are also perfectly dressed for leisure activities.

Nylon bags

Nylon is an ideal complement to leather. Because the material is more robust than you might think at first glance. While the material is absolutely in the foreground of this trendy handbag, the cut is not entirely irrelevant. Because nylon comes into its own particularly well in the form of medium-sized shoulder bags or totes. In large fashion houses such as Prada, the bag has long been one of the classics. Other labels are also jumping on the nylon bandwagon and have at least one model in their repertoire.

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