5 stylish basics that suit everyone - that's a promise!


When it comes to fashion, there is hardly a country that is as far ahead as France. The French women are masters of the "chic simple". They turn simple basics into cool it-pieces in summer. How this works and which basics, we definitely want to shop for, we reveal here.

Anyone who thinks that summer trends are the same all over the world is wrong. Countries, regions and cities have their own preferences. But that doesn't mean that you can't learn anything from other countries. The French, more precisely the stylish Parisians, have perfected one thing: elegant minimalism. Even in summer we benefit from their know-how and look at five basics with which you can create exciting looks.

We look at these 5 basics for the French women

1. Light-colored denim pantsNothing beats well-fitting jeans. 

Fashionista Emanuelle Koffi know that too, and this summer swears by high-waisted denim pants in a light wash. Stroll through town, hike or date night - light-colored denim pants are fashioned chameleons that can always look different depending on the style combination. For everyday life we recommend: An XL shirt, stylish slides and a croissant bag - the stylish urban look of the Parisians is ready.

2. The striped boyfriend shirt

Not only Duchess Meghan is a fan of the striped boyfriend shirt, at Parisian Leia Sfez, the good piece has long been part of her wardrobe. Despite the long sleeves, the oversized shirt is easy to wear in summer because the thin cotton fabric is air-permeable and breathable. Shorts and bikini top on, a striped boyfriend shirt over it and you're ready for the café, university or the beach.

3. Leather mules

Of course we love high-heeled sandals - especially because they make us look tall and slim - but sometimes you just want to be comfortable on the go. Whether with a wide strap or a thong, mules look a lot more attractive when they are made of leather. The favorites of the French women can even be combined with skirts or dresses.

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