This simple beauty trick really works!


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Lifting with make-up? Yes, it works. We'll tell you how easy it actually works (not that we need it, but you can still try).
Everyone wants a tight eye area - regardless of whether they are 25 or 50 years old. And we can have that too - at least visually. And all without Botox and Co. We just need a little make-up. We'll tell you how doing it.

Natural eye lifting
If you hold your fingers on the temples on the sides of the bare-bones and pull them back a little, you will see that your face immediately looks firmer. That is the effect we want to achieve - but it should still look natural. You don't need much more than a concealer, some eyeshadow and maybe an eyeliner. How is that supposed to work? Wait a minute!

This is how it works

You start with a matte eyeshadow
of your choice, you apply this in the crease of the eyelid and blend it into a light cat-eye shape. That means: You pull the eye shadow in the outer corner tapering to the outside. But not too much - and please do not immediately take a color that is too dark.

Then you can complete your eyeshadow look as you want. Either you leave it that way, darken the outer corner with another tone or put a shimmer eyeshadow on the movable eyelid.

The first (and optional) step for make-up face lifting is an eyeliner
. We pull it accurately, straight and finely towards the temple. The longer the eyeliner, the more dramatic it becomes. This look is called Fox Eyes. You can read here how exactly you do the make-up.

And now comes the crucial point: Take a concealer
and draw a line with the applicator from the outer corner of your eye up to your temple. Tip: Just think that the concealer is the extension of the lower waterline - this makes the angle perfect, which in turn provides the lifting effect.

Now you blend the concealer with a brush or beauty sponge, just make sure that the edge to the eye shadow remains as sharp as possible. Put the concealer with powder and you are almost ready to go. If that's too blatant for you, you can also minimally hide the edge with eye shadow. But: the more accurate the line, the more pronounced the lifting effect. We know this might not be for every day, but it definitely looks special for your makeup. By the way, we see this look super often on model Bella Hadid. In case you've ever wondered what their secret is. That's it (among other things 😉).

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